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South Bend – a future high tech hub?

The South Bend that is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its industrial past is increasingly taking on a technologically innovative character. Of course, this does not just happen: there have been important investments and initiatives from both the public and private sectors facilitating this trend. Among the initiatives feeding into South Bend’s emergence as an up-and-coming tech hub are the following:

Innovation Park

Innovation Park is a business accelerator supported by the University of Notre Dame and the City of South Bend. Founded to facilitate the commercialization of academic innovators, Innovation Park is a partnership intended to provide participants with a competitive advantage and accelerate business growth, technology commercialization, and market entry. By tapping into the cutting edge research at Notre Dame and helping to commercialize it, Innovation Park will be at the forefront of technologically innovative enterprises.

Ignition Park

Substantial acreage in close proximity to South Bend’s urban core has long been inaccessible beneath the abandoned remnants of the former Studebaker automobile manufacturing complex. The city of South Bend has invested in clearing away these massive, moribund manufacturing facilities to make way for a modern, high tech business park. Conceptually, Ignition Park provides a landing zone for successful enterprises coming out of Innovation Park, but of course it is not limited to these entities. Providing a centralized high tech business park with all the space and infrastructure needed for high tech enterprises to grow and prosper assures that a burgeoning high tech culture will emerge and thrive in South Bend

Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND)

In 2008 the Semiconductor Research Corporation’s Nanoelectronics Research Initiative selected the University of Notre Dame for one of its four research consortia around the country. The Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND), has a mission is to discover and develop nanoscale computing devices that will be faster, smaller and more powerful than those currently used in cell phones, computers and other electronic systems. The nanoelectronics industry is expected to grow enormously over the next several years. Significant public investment in Innovation Park and Ignition Park are intended to capitalize on the commercialization of MIND-inspired nanoelectronic businesses and other tech start-ups.

St Joseph Valley Metronet

A major investment has been made to assure a communication infrastructure capable of supporting a robust, tech-based economy. St. Joe Valley Metronet provides a network of dark fiber optic cable that gives businesses affordable connectivity and a lightning-fast service on par with that found in major cities like Chicago or New York. Over 50 miles long and still expanding, the Metronet offers a high-speed data transfer infrastructure with unlimited bandwidth. Customers may choose among multiple carriers providing users with flexibility, cost savings and security. Situated in the largest concentration of long-haul carriers in the Midwest – with transcontinental cable lines running right through the city – the metronet allows South Bend to compete with major US cities for high tech economic development.

What it takes to grow a high tech economy

All these initiatives plus some significant private investment lay the groundwork for South Bend’s emergence as a tech hub. However, the economy of the future will take more than just innovation, creativity, and technological advancement. It requires collaborative research, a business-friendly entrepreneurial environment, and strong-public-private partnerships. It also requires effective marketing of specific IT businesses.

There is a plethora of IT companies emerging – given the rapid pace of high tech innovation. Often, what separates successful companies from the rest is not so much the particulars of their technological prowess, but the effectiveness of their marketing capacity. Engineers and researchers emerge from their labs to the rude awakening that the ‘marketplace’ is not so much interested in the innovative character of their research as with the practical application of their inventions. Turning research into a marketable product requires much more than technological innovation, it requires marketing prowess.

A common refrain among tech innovators and emerging IT companies is the pressing need for the capacity to communicate their product’s benefits to the marketplace. Marketing for IT companies, therefore, is an essential ingredient in developing a successful high tech economy. Ugly Dog Media specializes in high tech marketing. With clients ranging across the emerging high tech and online arenas, Ugly Dog Media understands how to successfully market IT companies. Marketing and Public Relations for IT companies are both critical components in building a high tech economy. Building those capacities will be essential to South Bend’s IT companies.

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