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Ugly Dog Media brings its global marketing experience to the local community, helping Michiana businesses market to the local community and beyond.


Local Marketing will always Matter.

The global nature of communication has opened up opportunities for marketing and business promotion across the globe. Exciting as the ability to market across the globe may be, it is easy to forget that for the vast a majority of businesses, marketing remains a fundamentally local phenomenon.

For businesses in the local Michiana area – South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Edwardsburg, Niles, Plymouth – there are few options available if they want global quality marketing services at local, Northern Indiana/Southwest Michigan prices.

Ugly Dog Media brings world-class capabilities to the local public relations marketplace and is sponsoring this site to bring some of the things we have learned to our fellow Michiana businesses.

What does a South Bend/Michiana area marketing campaign look like?

There are a range of services that are relevant to local, regional, national and even international marketing campaigns. One of the great benefits of the web is its scalability or ability to expand or contract with the specific needs of a particular situation. Marketing campaigns with a local orientation, however, have unique characteristics.

Local campaigns have to be grounded in reality. There are too many people with direct exposure to your company and/or employees to pull the wool over their eyes. This forces local companies to understand their brand so that marketing efforts are consistent with customers’ personal experience. Signage and setting matter in creating a local brand – even if your business is not a walk-in, retail establishment. Also, personal networking, now amplified through social media, can make or break a local business. Small, intimate details really matter in a local branding effort.

Retail style businesses obviously cater to a local marketplace – so signage, flyers and other tangible marketing collateral will be especially important. Moreover, social media is increasingly driving the way people organize their daily lives – managing their social and cultural activities with these media. For businesses oriented to the Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan markets, social media is where you are most likely to “run into” existing and potential customers. Therefore, a social media strategy will be well-suited to a business with its customer based within 10-20 miles.

The internet also offers opportunities to local businesses that did not exist in past. Local businesses may now be able to implement marketing strategies that reach out to a national or global marketplace. Increasingly, small local businesses supplement revenue by expanding their market using e-bay and e-commerce. E-commerce has kept the small, local bookstore alive and will increasingly become a part of a well-rounded local business that offers distinctive products or services. Here in Michiana there are numerous artisans and crafts people who could not remain in business without supplementing their local market with regional markets such as Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Grand Rapids.

Ugly Dog Media, serving businesses in South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Plymouth, LaPorte, St. Joseph, South Haven, Edwardsburg, Goshen, Chicago, and elsewhere, can help local businesses market themselves. For comprehensive Michiana public relations and marketing services, talk to Ugly Dog Media today.

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